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Id Card Lanyards printing in India

Customised Id card and Lanyards at Printlipi

Are you a organiser of any conference organisation or an event? Then you must be needing a well-designed ID card & lanyards which shows up your volunteer’s identity. Look no further as Printipi has covered you up with the latest designed ID cards & lanyards that you can get printed online for events and conferences.

Moreover, ID cards are nowadays a must in colleges, schools as well as corporate sectors. Keeping in mind all your designing needs, Printlipi allows you to customise, design and print eye-catching ID card lanyards online at unmatchable prices. Not only this, Printlipi gives priority in designing the ID cards with multicolour ink on high quality PVC materials.

Besides ID cards, Printlipi also holds a selection of standard conference badge holders to suit all your needs. In case if you need custom size badge or if you want your name to be printed on the badge, we also have a variety of oversize and extra large badge holders for your convenience.

Get professional employee ID cards at Printlipi

At Printlipi, you can buy ID cards and lanyards online. This will help you keep your ID cards stay protected. Our well knowledgeable designers know how to design attract ID card with lanyards with high-end customisation process and as a result, you get top-notch delivery from Printlipi. The best part about getting your ID cards designed by us is we give you several options to choose the material, length as well as the width of your lanyards. Besides this, there are easy options to upload your specific design and order lanyards online from Printlipi.

Curious about how to design a perfect lanyard online having not enough designing knowledge? At Printlipi, you can easily upload your images and get a perfect customised lanyard designed. Upon ordering online, you will receive a high-quality custom printed lanyards directly at your doorstep within a faster turnaround.

Keeping in mind to enhance your brand visibility, Printlipi delivers high quality custom printed lanyards with your company's name and logo. You can either start by uploading your own lanyard design In case if you are out of ideas, are highly experienced designers will help you buy lanyards online effortlessly.

We make sure that Printlipi designs for your the best possible ID cards and customized lanyards in India. The best part is you don't need to pay any obligation service fee for previewing your completed lanyard prior to spending a single cent for your product.

Things you need to know about Lanyards

Lanyard is basically a type of cord worn around a person's neck and they are usually used to display an ID badge in an employment department or at a conference seminar. Lanyards are worn on the shoulder, neck and wrist depending upon the persons usage. The main purpose for using lanyards are mostly for advertising or for any promotional event. Usually lanyards come in various sizes, colours and shapes and the materials used for making lanyards are: plastic, cord, leather, polyester, nylon and silk.

Why Printlipi?

  • You can order as low as 25 units.
  • ID cards & lanyards at different sizes and widths.
  • Multicolour printed ID cards of your choice.
  • ID cards available with key clip as well as loop clip.
  • Printing option on single as well as both sides.
  • Premium Matte finish in ID cards.
  • Lowest prices guaranteed.
  • Faster turnaround within 2-3 days.
  • Utmost satisfaction guaranteed.

    Easy customisation of ID cards at Printlipi

    At Printlipi, the overall ID card designing process is simple. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily upload your company ID card design and we will do the rest and deliver you a fully customised ID card as per your needs and choices.

    The best part is Printlipi designs your ID cards adding your own corporate colors along with attractive fonts and layouts and this is what the designers come up as a draft. Then if you like the design of your ID card, we take the process further and print your card and make it ready for shipping at your delivery address.

    Our mission at Printlipi is to reach out to customers who are in need of well designed yet durable lanyards online. We strictly believe that the beauty not only lies in the looks of the lanyard but we also gives the priority in the comfort of wearing the lanyard. Printlipi gives utmost priority to the customers at first. We use organic components in our designing processes and as a fruitful result, Printlipi delivers the best quality custom lanyards to its customers.

    Buy customised ID cards online at Printlipi as this is the only place for office stationery and any online printing needs. Need help with your design or order? Give us a call send a message on WhatsApp number- we’d love to talk to you and help you resolve your queries.