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By-fold Four Panel (Both side)
Min. 30 Brochures From Rs. 375/-
Tri Fold Six Panel (Both side)
Min. 30 Brochures From Rs. 425/-

Why PrintLipi

You can create brochures according to your choice and comfort. Here are some of the highlighted features we include in our brochure printing services:

  • You can order as low as only 30 brochures
  • Beautiful paper options for the brochure designing
  • Our focus remains on the touch coating and paper quality so that we sell the finest quality brochures to our customers.
  • Our highly professional brochure designers deliver great service.
  • We add a sleek glossy finish or matte finish after you finish your designing part.
  • Fast delivery within 72 hours
  • Our customer support service is highly available via phone/e-mail.
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Brochures specification and sizes:

There are various types of brochures / pamphlet design according to size layout and the overall appearance. Let us discuss them in brief one by one accordingly:-

  • Gatefold brochure
  • Tri fold brochure / 3 fold brochure
  • Bi fold brochure / 2 fold brochure
  • Leaflet or flyers
  • Folders and insert brochure
  • Z fold brochure

Gatefold brochure: These brochures are uncommon but it is extremely beneficial if it is used correctly. The reason it is used really is its cost. It is very much expensive and that is why it is mostly used for high-end marketing purposes. This brochure has 8-panel structures where the advertiser can provide their companies information and their product images of services in detail.

Tri fold brochure: As the name suggests, this brochure comes in three fold which has enough space to present product information as it has 6-panel structure. They are pretty much affordable and easier to carry anywhere.

Bi fold brochure: It is one of the common brushes that are used by many companies. It is inexpensive and then looks good in style. They are half and are formed in four panels: the front cover, the back cover, and the two internal panels.This type of brochure printing in tilak nagar, rajouri garden is useful for companies many products and bid more space for advertising.

Leaflet / Flyers: leaflet brochure is different from other type of brochures because they are mainly used for targeting a specific number of people. A leaflet contains only a single page, but it is cheaper and reader-friendly.

Folders and insert brochure: These brochures have an additional feature of folders with the brochure itself. These contain feedback forms enrollment forms that can be filled on the spot by customers.

Z fold brochure: This brochure is compatible with its name and folds into a "z" shape. This gives up to the brochure gives a good impression to readers. In addition, this brochure is helpful for representingthe company for selling propositions in great detail as there are all total three panels in a z fold brochure.

What is a brochure?

A brochure is a common marketing tool used for advertising a service or a product offering. This type of a pamphlet of light that can be used to distribute the information about some products or items. Brochures help in introducing new products and services to customers and increase the reach by advertisement to new prospects.

You will find many brochure sizes but the best size of brochure is A4 on 130gsm paper, It is better because it is thick paper you will not get any disturbance from the behind while reading it. In A4 brochure you can have many options like one fold and two fold.

A5 brochure size is also a good business promotion size if you do not have much content to show this size is best for you. A5 brochure size is a best suit for startups.

Brochures are one of the most useful marketing materials for every business purpose. It comes in an informative paper document that can be folded into a flyer pamphlet or a leaflet and these printed documents can be beneficial for promoting your business products or services to targeted audiences. A professional looking brochure printing in rajouri garden can help you grow your business and generate more business opportunities. Let your business speak for itself with Printlipi one of the best brochure printing services in west Delhi.