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3x6 ft - Star Flex Standee

Product Details Size Units Nos. Unit Cost Total Cost
3x6 ft - Star Flex Standee 3x6 ft 1 Rs.1500/- Rs.1500/-
3x6 ft - Star Flex Standee 3x6 ft 2 Rs.1450/- Rs.2900/-
3x6 ft - Star Flex Standee 3x6 ft 5 Rs.1350/- Rs.6750/-

3x6 ft - Digital Vinyl Non Tearable Standee

Product Details Size Units Nos. Unit Cost Total Cost
3x6 ft - Digital Vinyl Non Tearable Standee 3x6 ft 1 Rs.2100/- Rs.2100/-
3x6 ft - Digital Vinyl Non Tearable Standee 3x6 ft 2 Rs.1950/- Rs.3900/-
3x6 ft - Digital Vinyl Non Tearable Standee 3x6 ft 5 Rs.1850/- Rs.9250/-

Standee Printing

Standees come with aluminum rods, aluminum stand, cover. They are available in a variety of sizes with each size and proper handling so that the standee stays upright.

Roll up Standee

2 Feet X 5 Feet

Star Flex

Birthday standee, birthday roll up standee online designs

Roll up Standee

3 Feet X 6 Feet

Star Flex

online rollup standees

Full specification of standees

Standees comes in many sizes but two sizes are standard i.e.

  • 2 x 5 feet
  • 3 x 6 feet

Two types of materials are used to design standees, i.e.-

  • Standard flex material
  • Premium (star flex)

You can use standees in the below-mentioned places

  • Shop entrance display standee to entice walk-in customers
  • Walkway or aisle display standee to provide directions
  • Display Standee for directions or notices for buildings.
  • Public area display for awareness campaigns
  • Exhibitions or event display for publicity
  • Party props

Highlights of Printlipi’s standee printing services in Rajouri garden, tilak nagar:

With the dynamic backing of our group of specialist designers, we have in-depth knowledge in designing attractive and eye-catching standees. We offer roll up standees as well as welcome standees

  • You can order as low as a single banner standee
  • Optimum clarity
  • Sharp, full color printing
  • Approved quality
  • Long lasting and Durable materials
  • Fast delivery with customer support
  • Cost effective and satisfaction guaranteed service

Printlipi- High quality standee printing services across India

An eye-catching standee Is a great fit for displaying for promoting any products or events. Display the name of your company in an innovative way with Printlipi’s standee printing services. You can promote your company in a stylish way by displaying your standees.

Looking for attractive standee designs? You have come to the right place. At Printlipi, we design standees with high quality marketing tools that can benefit you advertising in exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and parties. We also assist you in designing and help you finalize a printable image for your standee. Depending upon your content, you can choose from different size options. Keeping in mind about the safety of the product, we add an extra layer of security by attaching high quality springs to the edge of standees. In addition, we take care of the banner so that it remains drive before being rolled up into the standee. Printlipi designs lightweight standees with rollup features and deliver you the best quality standee printing in India at best and affordable prices.

We truly understand all your needs and requirements and convert them into the best possible printed products match the best with your needs. The great thing is standees with Ultra smooth materials at the most alluring thing that we offer and we charge lower prices compared to other companies and we assure utmost satisfaction to our customers.

What is a standee?

Standees large self-standing displays for promoting any events or products. Welcome standees are mainly displayed in Functions, Events promotion, outside the stalls or music releases.

Standees create an impression to attract the audience's interest. The best part about standees is they are easily portable and you can carry along used and be used anywhere for your promotional purposes. Coming to their weight, the way as little as 2 to 3 kgs.

They typically made of foam boards and one of the commonly used standees are self-standing standees.

Standee printing

Roll up standee at the best way to convey of promoting messages to your audience. They stand straight and convey the proper message to your prospective customers. At Printlipi, we design standees online and order as per your requirement. you will get assured high quality printing services at Printlipi.

Online standee design

Printlpi has developed the best interactive tool so that you can design standees online. With our websites easy interface, you can add your own brand message, choose the background of your choice and then add text of your choice. Make sure you are keeping the position right so that your brand’s message is clear to your audience.

Cost of standee printing

The pricing depends upon the size and the type of the standee you want to print. The starting range of standee printing is from 1250/-