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Visiting Card Shapes and Type

standard visiting card design
Standard visiting card
Size: 88mm X 55mm
square visiting card design
Square visiting card
Size: 64mm X 64mm
Rounded visiting card design
Round corner visiting card
Size: 88mm X 55mm

Visiting cards are what that puts up a great impression to any sort of business, no matter whether it's an event or networking occasion but before choosing the right type of visiting card for your business, you must keep in mind that there are various types of visiting cards that you can get you to get in the printed output.

Visiting cards are generally classified based on their types and also on the thickness of the paper some visiting cards are determined by the quality of the paper i.e. coated paper, line- in paper and synthetic papers.

1. Standard Visiting Card

  • Normally sized between 3.5 x 2 inches.
  • The “bleed area” adds an extra ⅛ inch space where the background elements are designed on the visiting card.
  • Coming to the card dimension, it is around 89 x 51 mm.
  • Standard visiting cards give a professional look to your card.
  • Helps in adding special offers or extra information about your company.

2. Round Corner Visiting Card

  • These types of visiting cards are sized within 89 x 51 mm.
  • Designed with 6 mm rounded corners.
  • Ideal for light-colored designs.
  • Both the front and back sides feel like varnished.
  • Gives a stylish and modern look to your card.
  • The rounded corners set the card apart from other cards.

3. Square Visiting card

  • Sized usually between 63.5 x 63.5 mm.
  • Gives a great layout for showcasing your company’s products.
  • Can be used for tags, coupons for your business.
  • The square design gives the card a rich look.
  • Best for vibrant designs.
  • Ideal for unconventional and modern businessmen.

4. Round Shape Visiting Card

  • Sized within 55 mm in diameter.
  • The circular shapes give a long-lasting impression to your business card.
  • Best for arts & crafts and food businesses.
  • Round cutout shape available in single or double sides.
  • Printed on thick and premium cardstock.
  • Can be used as coasters, key tags, lanyards, bookmarks and so on.

5. Folded Business Card

  • Sized in both even and uneven folds.
  • Best for easy hand folding.
  • Available with both 15-point velvet and 16-point options.
  • Easily share any additional information and imagery of your company on your card.
  • Gives great quality for the price range.
  • Delivers a high-end classic look to any business card.

6. Gloss Finish card

  • The standard size is 3.5” x 2”.
  • Available in 1 paper stock with different finish options.
  • Both the one-sided and two-sided options are available.
  • Gives a glossy look to your business card.
  • Best for highlighting your company’s photos and images.
  • Adds an extra layer of protection and increases the durability of your business card.

7. Matt Finish Card

  • The standard size is 89 x 51 mm.
  • Available in 2 different paper stocks.
  • Comes in high-quality with full-colour printing.
  • Gives a rich and polished look to your business card.
  • Smooth and saddle finish for exterior paints
  • Best for readability and easy to write on.

8. Velvet Finish Card

  • The standard size is 3.5 x 2 inch.
  • These types are of high demand in the market because of its velvety touch.
  • The soft velvet touch gives a luxurious texture to your card.
  • Velvet lamination ensures the card’s durability.
  • Best for highlighting your company details and additional info.

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